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    At Sho.deA, we specialize in the design and project management of retail stores, offering consulting services that support the growth and market presence of retail companies. From initial due diligence to the grand opening of successful retail spaces, our expertise spans Italy and the globe.


    Our Expertise
    Founded by architects with over 25 years of experience, Sho.deA brings a wealth of knowledge in project management, planning, and design. Our founders have worked with leading international firms across various sectors including Luxury, Fashion, GDO, Fast-shop, Mass Market, Malls, and Corporate Offices.


    Our Approach
    We position ourselves as a dedicated partner for retail companies, leveraging our deep understanding of market drivers and business development dynamics. Sho.deA operates as an integrated "Store Development Office," seamlessly blending with our clients’ business models to support them throughout the entire process.


    Our Commitment
    Quality, efficiency, and cost control are the cornerstones of our project management philosophy. Sho.deA is the reliable partner for developing innovative concept stores, incorporating the latest in visual marketing trends.


    Our Services
    We offer comprehensive support in:
    Location Selection: Identifying the best sites for retail success.
    Concept Design & Space Planning: Crafting designs that captivate and optimize space.
    Project Development: From permits and authorizations to tender management.
    Site and Project Management: Overseeing construction and ensuring timely delivery.
    Maintenance Planning: Ensuring your retail space remains in prime condition.


    With extensive knowledge of local and international furniture suppliers and general contractors across European, Asian, and Middle-Eastern markets, Sho.deA is equipped to facilitate the rapid and high-quality opening of retail stores worldwide.aragraph text here.

     Partner with Sho.deA to transform your retail vision into reality, ensuring your store stands out in the competitive market with our unparalleled expertise and dedication!

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